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5 winners LIMS

Challenge 1 round 2: kar_kusha

Challenge 1 round 1: bozhya_korovka

about us

Our community has 2 competitions, competition LIMS and competition simple icontest Images of winners will be declared on the main page of community. At the left simple icontest on the right LIMS.

5 winners s/icon

simple icontest # 2: moonaball

simple icontest # 1: malibu_xo_rain

The Layout

This layout was coded and designed by premade_ljs for the last layout standing competition at freelayouts. The theme of the challenge was The Seven Deadly Sins. The beautiful artwork of the header image can be found at the artists web page here. Please do not remove credit for this artist. Thank you.

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REMINDER- VOTING- REMINDER- [03.21.07 at 12:29pm]

LIMS VOTING PLEASE challenge R3 - Challenge 1  HERE 

voting challenge # 1 round # 3 (LIMS) [03.19.07 at 8:45pm]

This week the skip used taught_to_dream and ipipiu

aladriana- excluded from competitions, the miss has been used, work in this round has not been given.

[0] Vote for ONE icon which you think is of lesser quality. Give valid reasons and be objective. Your vote won't be counted if you don't have them. I do not want to know why you don't like it, but why it is of lesser quality.
Remember you are voting for the 1 icon you thought were the worst. You must provide a reason for each icon you are voting off. "It sucks" or "I don't like.." is not what I am looking for. If you don't give a reason, your votes don't count. "Big borders aren't my thing" isn't a good reason to vote an icon off. If you think the border is overpowering the image than say so that way.

[0] Vote for ONE icon that you think is of the best quality. You don't have to give a reason, but it is encouraged.
[0] This week, 1 image will be eliminated. BUT, if your voices will be distributed exactly, between two images (that is, 2 images will receive identical quantity of voices contra. 2 images will be removed. But no more.
[0] Voting ends 23 march 2007
Here's an example of how to vote:

03: The texture is overpowering and the image is too sharp. The image is very blurry and the color doesn't compliment the screencap.

07: I loved the color management and crop.

VOTING pleaseCollapse )
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resuts voting simple challenge # 2 [03.15.07 at 7:58pm]

The winner

I hope, that next time we challenge will be interesting. Other winners do not need to be declared, as participants was all 3
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REMINDER- REMINDER- REMINDER- [03.14.07 at 8:49pm]

LIMS challenge  R3 - Challenge1 HERE 

01. aladriana
02. malibu_xo_rain
03. bozhya_korovka

 simple ch № 3/конкурс № 3 HERE  

simple ch № 3/конкурс № 3 [03.12.07 at 12:38am]

I have decided to make community international. In Russian and English language. That was more participants. I want that this community was amicable.

click to foto/ фото кликабельные

Deadline for submissions , march 23
срок подачи до 23 марта включительно
 R3 - Challenge1 HERE 
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